In line with the new nutrition measurement requirements outlined the WFP Strategic Results Framework (2014-2017), OSZAN Nutrition Programme Unit is planning to conduct a pilot test of new coverage measurement techniques in selected countries. The pilots seek to investigate which of the currently available methodologies best suit WFP’s global MAM Treatment operations to meet measurement requirements outlined in the SRF.

Due to the innovative nature of the coverage measurement techniques, there is a need to test the corporate feasibility of the various methods prior to implementation across WFP’s global MAM Treatment Programmes. WFP, at present does not have the technical expertise to implement the coverage measurement techniques and requires the assistance of technically sound expertise.

Therefore, challenges in adapting the coverage measurement methodology to WFP scale of operations are actually expected, should be solved, and offer the opportunities to generate evidence about programming evaluation processes, using primary data.

For these reasons, WFP is collaborating with Valid International to design and implement coverage measurement techniques suitable to WFP's programmatic requirements.


This project aims to:

Design, train and implement MAM coverage survey in the selected areas in each of the 4 countries

Provide guidance (based on lessons learnt) for WFP regarding the coverage methodology to be used for the wide area coverage of MAM Treatement Programmes